Rafik Draoui


I am a coder, tinkerer and wanderer from Québec. I spent the past 3½ years in Toronto, working as a software developer at G Adventures, an adventure travel company. I am now back to being a nomad and traveling for the next several months. The rough plan so far is to spend some time in Québec, North Africa and Mexico, and to sail on traditional sail ships from Europe to Canada!

Previously, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill University in Montréal, where I had the chance to work in the Computation and Logic and the Computational Biology research groups.

When I am not studying or working, I am most probably found halfway across the world hitchhiking in Europe, sailing in the Mediterranean or traveling overland on the timeless routes of the Middle East and Asia. Since 2005, nearly half of my life has been spent on the Road. Not only these trips enabled me to live incredible experiences, to learn about the world and to meet some of my best friends, I believe they also largely made me the person I am today.